A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
When our client needed specific branding and packaging for a new detergent powder targetedat the Gulf Markets, we, instantly came up with the Brand name “Multi Power Max”. Taking the tastes and needs of the region into account, we developed world class packaging design of international quality standards that met all statutory norms. The power and effectiveness of the product came through in the design – an energetic orange and blue with bubbles indicating force
Amidst the lather created by shampoo commercials, we felt the need to stand out. So, for the Nature Power Shampoo commercial, we decided to use star power. This product is targeted at the middle and lower-middle segment who are looking for strong benefits and value for money. Research showed that they respond well to star endorsements and so we chose popular South star Sneha for the campaign.

Sneha has long, beautiful hair, which perfectly embodied the virtues of the product, which gives beautiful, manageable and soft hair. Enriched with Aloe Vera, it provides full value for money.

The TVC begins with Sneha walking through a wedding hall. As she laughs and talks to people, they are mesmerized by her shining hair and are struck with envy. Even, the newly married groom falls under her spell and says wistfully, ”Kattikaporavan Koduthu Vachirukkanum”. This punch line was a big hit and has great recall value.

The mass media works wonderfully well when you are looking for a mass market. But, what happens when you are looking at a specific segment. Like say, a specialized product for textile mills? Advertising in the mass media would mean a spillover and works out extremely expensive too.

The solution – Direct Marketing. Here, you can reach a specific and well-targeted audience/niche at a cost much lower than the Mass Media. You’ll find this a Personal, Powerful and extremely Persuasive communication vehicle. And, if you choose to use the internet, you get the added advantage of extremely quick delivery too.

The greatest strength of DM is that it aims at selling by building a relationship. The major advantage is that since the target consists of qualified leads, the proportion of conversion to sales is high. Unlike, other forms of advertising which end with a single sale, this seeks to build brand loyalty and customers who will continue buying for a lifetime.

DM starts with customer research through a series of pre-sale communications aimed at identifying their interests and aspirations and also feedback from the sales force. This is followed up with communication during the sales process. After this, irrespective of whether the sale has been closed or not, communication is continued since customer’s needs too change with time. Interestingly, the advertising great, Ogilvy advocates DM strongly, "Direct response was my first love," and later became my secret weapon”, he said.

The Buzz is back again! Firstly, we’d like to thank you for your overwhelming response to our Newsletter, especially the column BAY (Brands And You). It was so encouraging that we’ve begun this with renewed vigour. There’s lot of excitement in the air – take a quick peek at the happenings.

We are proud to have been chosen by the Tamil Nadu AIDS Initiative (TAI) a part of the Voluntary Health Services (VHS) to be one of the nine agencies which will handle the communication for them this year. It was a tough fight indeed with most of the top agencies in the fray. Besides, this dear to us for one more reason - we will be doing our bit for society.

A little about TAI – it’s funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and aims at bringing about a qualitative change in the lives of commercial sex workers in Tamil Nadu, primarily by making them aware of AIDS. A grant of $13 million (60 crores) has been received for this purpose.

We’ve always loved challenges! So, when we got to create a brand identity for 2Day, a brand new carbonated drink bubbling with energy, our enthusiasm simply spilled over to the packaging (as you can see). A simple yet energetic design with minimal colours gave it the fresh and youthful feel.

This fun beverage has been launched in three tingling flavours – Cola, Lime and Orange. Targetted at the middle class, it promises value for money and comes in convenient pet and glass bottles.
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