Oct - Dec -2004  
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
The lively Mango Dice commercial opens with kidsplaying a board game and getting terribly bored till the dice magically turns into two mangoes. The astounded children watch as their mother opens the fridge door and brings out the yummy new mango fruit drink Mango Dice. Using the mother helps to strongly establish the values of
Dice as a wholesome, nutritious drink unlike most soft drinks. With a sip, the children are transported magically to the land of ‘Mumbo Jumbo Mago Dice’, a lush green forest where golden mangoes swing from the trees and they climb onto the giant Mango Dice Bottle. They dance in the jungle to the peppy tunes of the jingle. Getting the message of a fresh, healthy & deliciously refreshing drink across perfectly!
2Day the latest entrant into the soft drink market enters in style with a fresh, bubbly commercial! The commercial starts with a beautiful college going girl waiting at a bus-stand in a busy city . A cute snack kiosk near the bus stop sells 2Day in three flavours - Cola, Orange and Lime. A college going boy picks up the picks up a bottle of 2Day in Orange flavour - as he passes the girl her dress turns orange in colour much to her surprise. Next he picks up Lime and her dress turns to the silvery white colour - finally when he picks up Cola
suddenly he finds the bottle has disappeared from his hand and so has his shirt! The girl turns laughing as she finishes the drink! The exuberance of youth and the fun spirit help in conveying the refreshingly delicious qualities of this drink !


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The Buzz is back again! Firstly, we’d like to thank you for your overwhelming response to our Newsletter, especially the column BAY (Brands And You). It was so encouraging that we’ve begun this with renewed vigour. There’s lot of excitement in the air – take a quick peek at the happenings.

The Tyko campaign has been a resounding success and the commercial clearly got across the product’s USP – simply yet powerfully. Conventionally, detergent wars are fought on the basis of a better wash. The Tyko TV commercial
broke free from this and cashed in on its USP –it uses less water, a feature valuable in water scarce Tamil Nadu. A soap salesman tries to sell a housewife detergent by pointing out its values like a cleaner wash – but she argues back asking whether it works with less water like Tyko. The salesman is stumped but then retaliates asking whether it removes stains – by the time she has washed her clothes and displays the sparkling clean clothes washed with Tyko using less water .

The competitive dishwash bar market calls for making a strong impact. The Geo Dishwash bar commercial attacks the disadvantages of other soaps – three irritated housewives trying to clean their vessels with the existing products and getting frustrated. Their irritation is graphically shown with fire coming out of the fingers and steam out of the ears. The final verdict is that even this can’t pull down these tough ladies who are determined to attack grim and dirt . They use Geo and the commercial ends on a victorious note where they says – “Naanga asanthuduvoma”. The benefits of Geo - a bar that gives a sparkling wash that’s gentle on the hands is well highlighted. The graphics are the highlight and have got a high recall value.
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