Oct - Dec - 2005  
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
Greetings !
We are happy to share with you another edition of N&D Buzz. This year has started with a line-up of excitement… Lots of colour and lots of fun have marked our events and TV commercials, we also have successfully developed Box Office Version 5 – an innovative theatre ticketing software and have conducted a mega survey for IBM across 17 cities. We have found these projects challenging and the results so successful that we are looking forward to bigger projects.

Warm Wishes,
M Nachiappan
Chettinadd Housing Makes A Colourful Splash!
The vibrant warm colours of sunrise set the tone for the smart wall panels that attracted many visitors to the HDFC Housing Exhibition to step into the Chettinadd Housing stall. Once inside, the promise of a luxurious lifestyle in the lap of nature appealed to the city-weary visitors. Naturally, the initiative was a success with many bookings made right at the stall. The well-designed handouts became a powerful means of communication and were distributed to interested visitors.
BOX OFFICE Version 5 Developed & Launched
BOX OFFICE Version 5 is a theatre ticketing software that has been designed and developed in-house. This will handle various aspects like vending automated ticketing in the theatre counter and the entire web ticketing. It can manage reservations, movie lists, class of ticket, and generate appropriate reports to track the occupancy level, prepare the DCR etc. This is extremely user-friendly and allows users to select seats of their choice.
Better Copy, Better Business!

A good design might attract prospective customers to look at a website but it’s the content that plays the role of an online salesman. Since there is no face-to-face communication here, the content has to do everything a live salesman would – make a pitch, emphasize product benefits, support the claims and persuade the prospect.

The first impression of a website matters a lot, so a powerful headline that will attract and interest the reader enough to make him/her read the rest of the content. The best way to do this is to highlight a strong product benefit. The rest of the content must complement this.

Credibility is another important issue in making online sales and can be built by using content the right way. This includes Testimonials from existing customers, awards, money-back guarantees and so on. In short, well-written content can make your sales soar.

17 Cities Captured On IBM Survey!
When IBM decided to run a satisfaction survey amongst its end users, N&D Communications was the choice. Our market research team conceptualised, planned and executed this national level program perfectly. This massive program spanned respondents’ spread across 17 major cities of India and included all the metros.
Getting Lucky With La !
La Soap needed to communicate that it was priced at a nominal Rs.10 yet offered all the benefits of an expensive soap. The commercial starts with a newly married couple, the wife shocks the audience by saying, “I bought him for 10 rupees.” As the audience gasps, she describes how she bought La and felt fresh and confident. She then met her husband-to-be in the lift and he’s bowled over and the next thing is that they are happily married! She finds ‘La’ has turned out to be really lucky for her and can be for the audience too. The best part of this ad is that it shares the La experience on screen in a fresh, natural way!
Non-stop Fun With The Nature Power Shampoo Commercial!
Nature Power shampoo’s new TV commercial is youthful and fun yet communicates the product benefits powerfully. It opens with a group of college students discussing a girl who passes by. Though she looks pretty, her hair is in a mess… and one of the guys’ comments, “Look at what her hair says.” The hair becomes a character here and to her disgrace, her hair says, “I fall and break everyday.” The upset girl asks God to help her and then a bottle of Power Aloe Vera shampoo comes to her rescue. Soon her hair is shining, strong and beautiful and the guys can’t stop staring and wondering whom she will fall in love with!
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