Apr - Jun - 2006  
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
Greetings !
It’s been one more eventful month for us and besides catching up on that, we’d like to share the interesting advances that technology has brought into communication. It has brought in a wide array of options like blogging. Blogging is catching up fast as a means to get great PR and is also favoured by many corporate head honchos. Find out more about this exciting new way to communicate your message. Besides that we have lots more on our international projects as well as retail promos.

Warm Wishes,
M Nachiappan
Fair Affair !
Fairness creams are dime-a-dozen in the market. What set La Fair apart was the Price point and the ingredients like saffron, almonds and pure milk. We decided to cash in on this. The pretty model comes onscreen and announces that La Fair comes at just Rs.5 and has the goodness of saffron, almonds and pure milk. The vivacious model gets straight to the point and drives it home. A simple concept that won La Fair many women’s hearts.
DGS&D Launch
We recently designed a high-end web portal for Lenovo that helps to track the work flow of their DGS&D business. An attractive user interface with easy navigation was developed to track PO, SO generation and stock movement related to DGS&D, Sales and Collection. In a nutshell, this portal will act as a one point solution for users to access DGS&D sales and status and provide the user with a wholesome online experience.
Using Blogs as PR Tool

The easiest way to describe Blogs would be that they are personal Websites which are regularly updated. They read like a diary or journal, but with the most recent entry at the top. They are generally created by independent writers and while some resemble personal journals, others are in the form of columns or newsletters. With 8.5 million people blogging these days and a new blog started every seven seconds, this is a medium that’s worth taking a serious look at.

Blogs can be created about any topic under the sun. Visitors to the blog post their comments on the topic and the discussion keeps growing.

Blogs are increasingly being used as a PR tool. It not only gives you a good word of mouth advertising but also puts you directly in touch with your consumers. This gives you a lot of free publicity and valuable feedback. It allows you to reach out to customers without using official channels.

One of the recent trends is the growth of corporate blogs. Head honchos of big companies have started their own blogs and encourage their employees to do the same. One of the first head honchos to get into this was Jonathan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun Microsystems who operates Jonathan's Blog. Most of the top league bloggers write on topics they are familiar with and also add a few personal touches like holidays to build affinity with readers.

Blogs can be paid or free depending on the features you want. www.blogspot.com is a popular site that offers free blogs .The blog must focus on a topic that relates to your company’s work and expertise. However, it’s important that it’s not openly obvious as a PR exercise and must have a degree of objectivity. To draw in traffic to your blog, you must link to other blogs and news sites.

Deming Award Project
The Deming Award from Japan is a prestigious award given away to companies who achieve business success through quality improvement. This is evaluated on the basis of various parameters and a report submitted. We had helped in developing professional documentation for RANE Brakes, RANE TRW and RANE EVL and they have successfully achieved the award. This time we have worked for RANE Madras and are sure that they will put up an impressive show and achieve the Deming award for process quality too.
Thesys Enthralls At Athens
The Temenos™ Client Forum 2006 held at Athens featured Temenos companies from all over the world. This prestigious exhibition attracted clients from all over the globe. We worked with Thesys who deal with T24/GLOBUS to design a world class stall that would convey what they had to offer to the world. The theme was to portray the reliability and trust that Thesys stood for and this was illustrated by using an imposing lighthouse. We had designed the entire theme package – from the wall posters to the handouts. The simple yet highly effective theme was appreciated by visitors, many of whom stepped into the stall to learn more. Many of these quality prospects turned customers.
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