Jan - Mar - 2007
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
Dear Friends,

This time we have had a lot of action in both the retail and corporate sectors. We have done a lot of brand repositioning like the Lalah’s website, Repco logo and some of Power’s products. This was a big challenge but we have managed to retain the core brand strengths and yet given them a fresh avatar. Read on to catch up with the hottest.

M Nachiappan

Power Kicks Off New Campaigns

Power Soaps have always believed in breathing fresh air into their campaigns frequently. The latest series has captured the imagination of viewers with a straightforward approach and characters they can relate to. A middle-class husband declares strongly that he like Power Soap because it fits perfectly into his budget.

A housewife meanwhile claims that Power is her special route to defeating stubborn stains and saltwater. The next ad has a housewife who starts with a touch of suspense saying that she has thought over her decision many times and finally reveals that she has decided to stay with Power. Another ad has a housewife proclaiming Power is changing to suit her changing needs. N&D is also handling the print campaigns for Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The Winning Stroke

The Winner range of dhals needed a website that would inform and act as a branding vehicle for them. The website was designed in vibrant colours of orange and green to reflect the products’ freshness and also stay in sync with their pack colours. The quick and easy navigation delivers a great user experience.


Alluring about celebrities?

The recent debacle of the Indian Cricket Team at the World Cup has thrown up a series of questions for advertisers. With advertisers having poured in 180 crores on securing celebrity endorsements by the men in blue, their disappointing performance has been a big loss. Yet, most brands don’t seem to have lost hope in celebrities and are looking to Bollywood and local film celebrities to fill the gap.

What is so alluring about celebrities? The larger than life image of celebrities helps immediately grab the attention of consumers. In the clutter of today’s ads, this is a big competitive advantage. However, if the same celebrity signs up for too many ads, it could lead to confusion.

Celebrity brand ambassadors are picked based on how they relate to the target for the product. Take Lux, which is positioned as the beauty soap of the stars, it has had a bevy of stars to promote it and stands for beauty and youth. This is something that its target, women can easily relate to.

Celebrities add credibility to a brand. Viewers tend to trust the brands promoted by a celebrity as they find him/her trustworthy. Celebrities also have powerful brand recall and when they participate in brand promotions and events, they get a great deal of coverage in the media. This free coverage is worth a lot.

The negative side of celebrity endorsements is that when they fail, they fall in the eyes of their fans and this could impact the sale of products they promote as well.



Repco Logo Gets a
Friendly Look!

The Repco Housing Finance logo had been around for a while and needed to get a fresh look to keep up with the times. The font was made more friendly and the logo design was given a house in an abstract style to attract the new generation and build confidence. Cheery colours of ochre yellow and a vibrant red to signify energy and dynamism were used. The redesign has paid off in better terms of visibility and branding.

Thesys – Right on Target

Thesys specializes in developing banking software and they needed a print ad to promote their newly released auditing tool TARGET. This delivers precision and performance with ease cost-effectively. These values were effectively conveyed by using the simple yet powerful image of a currency note rocket hitting the target.

Masala Magic

Lalah’s Masala has brought the magic of traditional cuisine to modern homes. N&D revamped the Lalah’s website so that it reflected this unique meeting of the modern and the traditional. The user-friendly site invites readers to check out everything they wanted to know about the Lalah’s range of products and also browse through delicious recipes.

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