Jul - Sep - 2007
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
Dear Friends,

Diwali greetings! May your heart light up with the happiness and prosperity that this delightful season brings. We are happy to share with you the wonderful happenings in the past few months, ranging from the tremendous response to Aldea’s Power of 3 campaign, our animation projects for the brand new TV channels that are entering the TN market and packaging for Citric Power.

M. Nachiappan

Power of 3 Campaign

Aldea, the exclusive franchisee for SAP Business One training in Madurai had the communication objective of creating brand awareness and attracting students to its training center. This was achieved by the `Power of 3` campaign spread over print and cable TV.

The campaign highlighted the fact that in just 3 weeks, anyone without even knowledge of computers could become an IT professional. The Cable TV campaign used a conversation between two students, one who has returned from the USA and shares his experience and another who lives here. He shares the secret of his success and since the target could easily relate to this, it was a hit.

Cheers For Citric Cleansing Compound

Power has introduced a new detergent brand called Citric Power, which has the C3 (Citric Cleansing Compound) formula to clean clothes effectively.

The packaging design consists of a silver foil pack covered with a splash of fresh limes and oranges to convey the fresh approach to cleansing. This is the first time a design of this kind has been introduced in India.


Is online advertising for you?

Online advertising today has evolved beyond imagination, beyond the usual flash and banner ads, there is more to it. Today, online advertising blends together the benefits of interactive and online media.

Complete TV commercials can be aired online. These ad spots can be placed innovatively, either before videos play or placed strategically near news articles of interest on web channels. Many Indian sites do this very effectively. This helps optimize viewership and increase conversions. Live streaming of sponsored events like fashion shows or other events showcasing a product or service is also possible.

The online media allows precise focus on the target as you can position ads near news articles of interest for them. For instance, an ad for a tutorial college can be placed next to an article on study tips for students and a business ad near an article on stock prices.


The online media can be very precisely tracked and click throughs recorded. This makes it invaluable as leads can be turned into conversions by linking the ad with an e-commerce panel. Since, viewers can be sharply targeted, there is less spillover in online advertising leading to lower costs.

Taking The TV Trail

The boom in TV channels has upped the demand for creative assets and we are happy to have been involved in creative projects for them. We designed the title animation for Tirumagal, a TV serial on Kalaignar TV. A golden kumbam filled with gold coins pours out its wealth forming the words Tirumagal in golden letters. For Shri Malar, the company that produced the serial, we created a logo, a fantasy character flying towards the skies in 3-D animation.

We also designed the logo for production company NuBoys in bright shades of red and blue with butterflies and a funky font in a hip-hop style. The 3-D title animation for Panchatantram - the Power of Knowledge, a game show on Mega TV was created using abstract flashes of light that quickly whiz and form the title on a dart board.

TVS on a TV Newsreading Trip

TVS is a leading two-wheeler company in India and wanted to appoint sub-dealers in Karnataka. In order to attract them to sign up, N&D developed an innovative campaign. The campaign mimics a TV newsreading campaign and conveyed the benefits innovatively.

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