Jan - Mar - 2008
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
Dear Friends,

Itís wonderful to be back with lots of fresh news and happenings. The campaign for Sri Sanjeev Gardens was big and made a splash, read all about it. Aldea has expanded to Hyderabad, Nagaratharkalyanam.comís promotional campaign and Zethís website were launched and La Fair has come up with a new Valentine promo. This apart the Spice of Life labels have been launched and IBMís rural branding strategy formulated.

Happy reading,
M. Nachiappan

Nagaratharkalyanam.com promotional campaign launched

N&D has conceptualized, designed and developed the No.1. Nagarathar matrimonial web portal, Nagaratharkalyanam.com for Alliance Interactive. This is a platform for the Nagarathar community scattered across India and the globe to forge matrimonial alliances. The beta version was launched with an attractive multi-channel promotional campaign.

The key message the `No.1. Nagarathar matrimonial web portalí was carried through all print ads released in Nagarathar community magazines in India and overseas, outdoor media and cable TV promos. Wall painting across Nagarathar villages and branding initiatives at a temple festival in Karaikudi has created awareness and generated a great deal of interest. The result is that prospective brides and grooms have been logging on to post their profiles. N&D is handling the entire process and maintenance.

La Fair Valentine offer

La Fair fairness cream has come up with an interesting Valentine promo to encourage new users and motivate existing users to enjoy their favourite cream at an attractive discount. N&D has designed colourful exchange coupons which were released in leading Tamil magazines to promote this product. Customers can redeem the coupons on purchase of La Fair cream and get Rs.10 off on 50 gm packs and Rs.5 off on 25 gm packs.

Zethís site reflects its zest for business!

Zeth provides business intelligence solutions for a wide range of clients including government, corporate and non-profit organizations. They offer complete solutions from designing a strategy to its successful implementation. Their website reflects the companyís energy and dynamism in deep pink and blue and has an easy-to-use format.


Brand philanthropy

Brand philanthropy is a concept that is growing popular by the day. As more brands join the bandwagon, this is turning out to be mutually beneficial for both communities and corporates.

Brand philanthropy not only enriches the community it serves but also builds strong bonds. The brand gets great PR and also gains brand recall. The acceptance of the brand is made easier and the concept of giving back to the community ensures that itís perceived positively, giving it a humane face.

To successfully use branding in philanthropy calls for a well-planned strategy. The efforts to contribute to a particular cause must be committed and sustainable.

Some companies in recent days have been promoting art forms especially folk arts and classical arts in the name of philanthropy. However, this is merely a clever branding exercise hidden under the garb of philanthropy. Real philanthropy must penetrate into the fabric of society and work for its upliftment of the downtrodden in concrete and sustainable ways. This can be in the form of running hospitals, skill training workshops, and free medical camps and so on.

If time is a constraint, companies can also look at tying up with a charity like an old age home, orphanage or hospital and pledge a percentage of brand sales to the cause.

GlaxoSmithKline operates various philanthropic programs across the world successfully. This company manufactures medicines and undertakes initiatives aligned to well-being like health and education. In the UK, it operates an independent living programme for children with disabilities and in Spain, health care for abandoned and homeless children. These are just a few of its many initiatives across the world which have generated a great deal of good will and branding for the MNC.

The City of Nawabs welcomes Aldea

Aldea has been offering SAP B1 and SAS courses at Chennai and Madurai and these markets have been penetrated through focused campaigns in the Education Plus section of the Hindu. In tune with the expansion at Aldea, a campaign was developed for the Hyderabad market targeting those looking for a lucrative career in IT. The message was straightforward and the inaugural offer of Rs.10,000 off was aggressively highlighted.

Aldea has also launched SAS programs in Chennai. A print campaign in Education Plus of the Hindu highlighted their USP of being an authorized SAS training centre.

Breathtaking mountain views & branding success

Sri Sanjeev Gardens offers plots set in a picturesque landscape that overlooks breathtaking mountain views in beautiful sylvan surroundings. N&D tapped this USP by highlighting it in the entire branding campaign. The branding strategy was multi-pronged and included print, television and radio. The advantages were highlighted in using a travel show format telecast on Mega TV. This was publicized through a half page ad run in the Hindu Property Plus section. This show gave prospective customers a fair idea of what they could expect and helped them take the purchase decision. The print and TV promotion was further complemented by radio spots on Radio City FM. The response to this was good and prospective clients visited the site and bookings were made in person and over the phone as well.

Rural branding strategy for IBM

N&D specializes in designing strategy for rural markets and has developed the entire rural branding strategy for IBM in the area of healthcare. IBM would offer technology support and associate with NGOs who provide rural health care. This will enhance the image of the brand and ensure high visibility besides generating good will.

Spice of Life labels hit the shelves

N&D designed the entire Spice of Life range of labels. Each masala was given a different coloured label for easy differentiation on store shelves. The logo features a well-loved image of a plump chef who epitomizes good food.

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