Jul - Sep - 2008
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
Dear friends,

Wish you a wonderful Diwali and all happiness. The past few months have been filled with plenty of activities. On the TVC scene, we had designed some innovative ones for Power and Repco Bank. We have also made the GOMS corporate film. The SS Music Branding Activity has turned out to be youthful and peppy ..and there’s more ..read on.

M. Nachiappan

GOMS Corporate Film

N&D created a corporate film for GOMS Electricals that has become an important brand-building tool for them.
It begins with an animation of the city which lights up beautifully against the skyscape conveying the brand’s tagline ‘The spark that transforms’.

It moves further to trace the various kinds of projects that they have completed across different verticals like software, medical, hospitality, retail, corporate, logistics, education, residences, sports complexes & entertainment, government, textiles, industries and so on. An interesting overview of the capacity of GOMS and their ability to deliver sound projects on time.
Making magic with SS Music

N&D is proud to have bagged the SS Music account. It is handling the entire branding strategy and activities of the youthful South Indian music channel. Recently, special marketing collaterals were created with visuals of the
signature VJs of the channel and a line that read ‘Loads of attitude and lovin’ it. The content covered in the collaterals contained a quick wrap up of all their hot property in the 120 sec show reel and the brochure. Splashed on a burnt orange brand color to act as a foil for the funky content.

Rebranding uplifts brands!

Why should brands change themselves? After having positioned themselves in a particular way, why should they take the step? Firstly, over a period of time brands grow and change and their markets do so too. They need to reinvent themselves to keep themselves profitable, retain customers and attract new ones.

Rebranding ensures that the brand is perceived as having new value-additions. It also helps the brand stayin step with its current brand image besides providing differentiation from

other me-too brands that may have popped up in the course of time.

We have rebranded Repco Bank, the Power Soaps logo and Sangam. The old RKN logo of Power Soaps was redesigned as Power Soaps in the shape
of a rotating Swastika to reflectthe power and energy of the brand. Repco Bank had a traditional logo showing a home and hands holding a lamp. This worked well
earlier but with global brands entering the market with sleek branding, this looked outdated. We designed a smart graphic image of a home with stylized lettering for them and this instantly gave them a new perception in the market.

Hotel Sangam had a logo with a conch at the edge and insignificant typography, we redesigned it with a bolder typography and added prominence to the conch. This has given the brand increased mileage and recall. GOMS Electricals Pvt Ltd also underwent a logo revamp as its old logo lacked visual appeal. The new one was given a 3-dimensional feel and this elevated the brand image.
REPCO TVC targets the family

REPCO bank has always been associated in a strong way with family values and trust. Its USP that it has no agents was strongly stamped on viewers minds with the new TVC that starts with the Repco Bank Manager visiting a home.

The head of the family who is confused with the wide range of loans available gains clarity after a tete a tete with the

manager. He is also assured that REPCO maintains the safety of documents and offers free insurance schemes.

The manager who becomes a friend of the family interacts with every family member, the lady of the house, her son and in-laws in the course of the TVC. The ad which appears in all South Indian languages had the tag line “Padu safe aana home finance” in Tamil, “Valara safeaayaa Home Finance” in Telugu and “ Mikkili safe aana Home Finance” in Kannada.

New Power TVC Safedi Ka Naya Mantru Hai

Venmaiyin Pudhu Mandiram , (Safedi Ka Naya Mantru Hai in Hindi) the latest TVC from the house of Power is a big hit with housewives and kids alike. The catchy jingle begins featuring popular child model Sreya Sharma revealing the new mantra for bright and clean clothes – Power Soap from the cryptic (similar to the one used in the Da Vinci Code).

Leading models from Mumbai like Pooja Salvi, Inderani, Richa Palod and others formed the rest of the cast. Shot on colourful sets at AVM studios, it was given a fun look to attract viewers and build strong recall value.

Flamingo buffet

Theme restaurant Flamingo introduced a hot new offer on their buffet for corporate teams and families. This was advertised through colourful leaflets and a focussed ad campaign in the news paper The Hindu, Adyar Times to reach the residents of that area. This proved to be a big success. .