Oct - Dec - 2008
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
Dear friends,

We wish you a wonderful New Year and Happy Pongal and hope it brings peace, joy and prosperity. The past few months have seen a spate of new launches and initiatives and we hope that this year will see many more. Casting leading star Tamannaah in the Nature Power TVC proved to be a winner as the brand association was a hit. Nadarkalyanam.com was launched and is growing in popularity.

We have other interesting tidbits to share as well. So read on

M. Nachiappan
Papaya is the flavour of the season

The all-new Nature Power Papaya Aura soap TVC features leading star Tamannaah. The beautiful actress with refreshing looks was chosen as she perfectly fits the beauty soap’s image.

The soap is healthy and the perfect choice for those who seek beautiful skin. It  contains extracts of papaya which gently nourishes the skin with Vitamin E and makes it glow. Its unique shape which is patterned after a half-cut papaya is something that’s visually appealing and has never been seen before in the Indian market. Soap sales have been growing rapidly after this TVC was released.
Nadar Kalyanam portal launch

After the stupendous success of Nagaratharkalyanam.com, Alliance Interactive has unveiled its latest offering, Nadarkalyanam.com. This is a global platform for the Nadar community to connect and forge matrimonial alliances.
The site was designed and developed by N&D Communications and has a highly user-friendly interface. It allows anyone to easily upload a profile and search for prospective brides and grooms on the basis of different criteria.

In-shop promos increase sales

In-shop promos help you reach your client at the point of decision making and so these play a big role in increasing the sales of your product or service. Conventional in-shop promos – POP material like posters and danglers still play a major role but there are other interactive options that can deliver a greater brand experience as opposed to pure messaging now. One of these is the use of digital media like OOH, where a TV screen displays

product ads. It also has the advantage of being extremely customer centric, offers low spillover and high value for money.

In-shop promos can also take the form of placing customer executives who give a face to the company and interact with prospective clients directly. They
also address any customer queries and this helps build a strong relationship with them as well as promote the brand.

In-shop promos offer opportunities for sampling, tasting and testing products. There is also great scope for product demonstrations. This works very well for FMCG products like beauty products where prospects can get a feel of the product before actually buying. In the case of consumer durables like mixies or washing machines, it allows one to demonstrate the features clearly and easily convert prospects into buyers.

REPCO unveils calendar

N&D created a colourful table calendar exclusively for REPCO Bank’s customers. It used a series of happy family photos to build a bond with customers and also establish the branding. This emotional approach helped clients identify with the brand and accept it as a part of the family. It also showcased the various loan schemes the bank offered.
Power Magic Shine launched

Power has always taken pride in launching quality household products and Power Magic Shine is the latest. This product when added to washed clothes softens them and makes them shine like new. N&D has created a classy packaging for the design with a blue base and uses an image of a family and shining clothes to reflect product benefits.
Flamingo's combo series

Flamingo, the restaurant that invites you to migrate to new tastes released a combo series campaign. This showcased the unique combos like the Soft Steamers Combo and others inviting guests to check it out.
Nature Power’s Tamannaah TVC is a big hit!

The Nature Power TVC has an interesting jingle that features a happening hip-hop dance party where Tamannaah walks in and steals the show. The stunning actress with her flawless complexion and glowing skin perfectly embodies the qualities of the Nature Power range of beauty soaps.

In the TVC, she sets hearts racing as she croons the names of the various fragrances, Lime, Sandal, Jasmine, Rose, Herbal and Lavender. Her unique style has caught the imagination of viewers making the TVC an instant hit. The 76% TFM was also highlighted. This TVC has increased sales.
REPCO Infra logo

Repco Infra is Repco Bank’s subsidiary that deals with infrastructure development. We developed a unique logo for them which featured two intersecting pentagons in a midnight blue and deep pink to signify trust, solidarity and a strong foundation. A striking logo with powerful recall value.

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