Jan - Mar - 2009
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.
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The election fever has started and we take a look at how the pollscape has changed with entry of the new age media. Polls apart, this seems to be a season of new looks and launches. We have on the plate ‘Chinna Chinna Packs’ from Sakthi Masala, a brand new look for the CIDC website, gounderkalyanam.com launch, forthcoming Flamingo launch and the Lee Logo launch. The icing on the cake is pretty Tamannaah who wins over hearts and reveals her beauty secret – Nature Power Beauty Soap.

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M. Nachiappan
Sakthi Masala spices up with hot minis!

Sakthi Masala’s new range of mini packs ‘Chinna Chinna Packs’ have become a rage overnight. At N&D, we have designed an attractive line of POP material to promote this brand comprising posters, danglers and banners. To highlight the concept of the concise size, small kids have been used throughout the campaign in print and TV. The convenience, affordability and the campaign have pushed up the sales.
Flamingo flies to Velachery

Flamingo’s Besant Nagar restaurant has been quite a draw with its unique Fusion and Combo Menus. The hot pink used for the branding has given it plenty of recall value. Spurred by its success, they plan to open a new restaurant at Velachery which will be more spacious with a unique studio kitchen and party hall. This will carry on the successful branding and kick-off with a print campaign.
CIDC unveils brand new look!

Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) is an organization set up by the Planning Commission, Government of India jointly with the Indian construction industry. This promotes the interests of the industry by organizing diverse activities for the development of the Indian construction industry.
With times changing and the construction industry embracing new technology, the CIDC website has now got a look to match. At N&D, we have made the site more user-friendly and given the interface a contemporary look and feel. Prominent displays for important information like Exam Results have been created. This has given CIDC’s brand image a boost and also increased the usage of the site.

India’s new age e-election campaign

Traditionally, Indian elections have relied on outdoor media like cut-outs, hoardings, banners and posters supplemented by print, radio and TV campaigns. However, during this election political parties have shown a marked preference for digital campaigns using the online interactive media and sms campaigns.

The BJP has taken to technology in a

big way by embracing SMS and email alerts to online volunteers which provide the manifesto, regular updates and even the campaign trail of Advani. LK Advani has also started his own blog to spread his political ideology.

Narendra Modi though leads in the online race with snappy one liners like,
'For me CM means not the Chief Minister but Common Man' and 'My struggle is to bring 'life' to 'file'.

The Congress, not to be left behind has started www.voteforcongress.in , a web portal. Candidates who get the ticket for contesting elections have to get registered online. On registration, they have their own platform where they put up their profile, about the election events, news, blogs and speeches. They have also initiated sms campaigns.

This new age e-campaign has pepped up the election campaign and added more excitement.
Lovely Tamannaah’s beauty secret revealed!

Tamannaah’s mesmerizing beauty lies in her flawless complexion which she owes to Nature Power Beauty Soap. This brand has recently introduced a line of new fragrances that Indian beauties have used for ages. The pretty star features on the wrappers of the new Nature Power – Sandana Manjal, Malligai and Milk Cream. She brings in the perfect connect with the audience as today’s generation relates to her.
Gounderkalyanam launched

After the stupendous success of the community matrimonial portals, www.nagaratharkalyanam.com and www.nadarkalyanam.com . Alliance Interactive has launched www.gounderkalyanam.com to cater to the Gounder community . This has features like a Detailed profile and a Partner Search by attributes like Profile ID, age, marital status and so on. The site is user-friendly and secure. Team N&D had been behind the entire conceptualizing, designing and execution of this web portal.
Lee gets a fun logo!

Lee Music is a hot new music channel from SS Music that is to be launched soon. Targetted primarily at the youth, this will embody everything fun, peppy and young. N&D designed the logo animation for this brand where both the ‘e’s in the Lee appear to dance symbolizing the energy and enjoyment it represents.
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