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The last quarter has been quite exciting with a series of new launches and new markets. The challenge of going into unexplored territory and conquering it brings a great sense of achievement both to us as well as the client.

Flamingo launched its new restaurant at Velachery and this has become a hit. Other new launches were the Xenon i-ACE in Nepal, Sakthi Sunflower Oil and the site.

The icing on the cake was handling the theme and implementation of a huge event, the Kalaignar Insurance Scheme For Life Saving Treatments which brought us plenty of appreciation. In BAY, we take a look at how exhibitions can be the most exciting promotional tool for your brand. Read on for more.

M. Nachiappan

A New Feather For Flamingo!

Flamingo restaurant opened its new branch at Velachery this June. This was a glittering affair and residents of Velachery turned up in large numbers.

Delicious food and fun events marked the occasion. The Flamingo theme ambience here is relaxing. Delicious pure vegetarian cuisine ranging from Indian, Chinese Continental to Fusion is served. It also offers a buffet. The wide choice has made the restaurant quite popular.
Sakthi Sunflower Oil Launch Campaign

Sakthi Masala is a household name in the masala market. They entered a new product line with the launch of their sunflower oil brand Sakthi Sunflower Oil. We designed the launch ad series which was released in leading magazines in TN.
Kalaignar Insurance Scheme For Life Saving Treatments

It was a proud feeling to handle the event management for a giant project of the Tamilnadu Government where TN Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi gave away health insurance to one crore poor families. Held at the University Centenary Hall, it had Central Minister for Health Hon’ble Ghulam Nabi Azad and other State Ministers gracing the occasion. We designed the yellow rose theme for the event which included huge 18 ft high bouquets of roses inside and outside the hall. The stage décor. decoration of the exhibition hall , hoardings, boards and the 3-D entrance cut-outs were all part of this initiative. All guests were given a bouquet of yellow roses.

Exhibitions as Effective Promotional tools

Exhibitions are of the most productive and cost-effective tools for creating and sustaining customer relationships. Exhibitions offer flexibility and can accomplish a wide range of marketing and sales objectives from launching new products, building customer relations to creating brand image and consolidating customer leads. image and consolidating customer leads.

There are two major types of exhibitions – Trade Exhibitions & Consumer Exhibitions. If your product is specific to a Country or Industry, then promote it through Trade exhibitions where only people from a specific country or industry are invited.
Exhibitions offer crisp and definite focus in terms of the TG, this helps save on resources like time and money. This is a two-way communication process where there is interaction between the buyer and seller. This works very well when new and innovative products are launched as prospective buyers can clear their apprehensions about them.

A well-designed exhibition stall can draw plenty of prospects. It offers scope for creative and intelligent design using options like colourful posters, banners, cut-outs, standing displays, POPs and so on. Marketing collaterals like brochures and leaflets can be distributed.
Capturing The Regent in Flash!

The Regent is an elegant luxury hotel being built on the beautiful island of Maldives. N&D developed a target specific corporate communication campign on this project. This had neatly defined capsules that took the audience through every aspect of the project quickly and easily, allowing them to make informed decisions.
Colourful Campaign For Thejomaya

Thejomaya is a playschool that lets kids learn as they have fun. In keeping with this spirit, the ads were lively and colourful. They focused on the warm and caring environment which helps kids develop social, emotional, language, physical and creative skills.

We also handled the campaign for the Thejomaya Knockout Tournament, a Maths Talent Hunt and this attracted students from all over the city.
Power Goes Glossy

All variants of Power detergent cakes have got a hot new look which has resulted in a jump in sales figures. The packaging has turned glossy giving the brand better visibility on store racks besides being stronger than conventional packaging material.
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