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There is an inspirational quote that I recently came across that sums up the best way to navigate today’s business world. “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking”, says William B. Sprague. Taking the initiative and launching innovation reaps rich results. The re-engineering of CADD brand communication and the Flamingo ads are recent examples of these.

We have also released an interesting educational film `Snakes, Learn With Fun’ and the Kalaignar Kaapittu Thittam infomercials. The launch of , epower detergent cake and Onam festivities at Indian Bank were other key highlights this quarter.

M. Nachiappan


Kalaignar Kaapittu Thittam Captivates Viewers

The recent infomercial featuring the Kalaignar Kaapittu Thittam (Kalaignar Insurance Scheme For Life Saving Treatments) was well-received. The scheme offers insurance for those below the poverty line, N&D had to communicate the features of the scheme clearly to the target.

Real life situations were used to illustrate the features and this worked successfully. The plight of a farmer who gets a heart attack and how this insurance scheme helps him was highlighted. This was followed by a


construction laborer who falls from a height, the plight of a poor woman with kidney problems and how both lives are saved by this scheme. It also focused on the process involved in securing treatment. It’s currently being aired across leading Tamil channels like Kalaignar TV, Sun TV and Vijay TV. Radio spots of the same are being aired on AIR and Tamil FM Channels like Suryan FM, Radio Mirchi and others.

Iyerkalyanam on a Flying Start!

The latest in the series of matrimonial portals from Alliance Interactive is This caters to the Iyer community and offers a wide range of profiles to choose from. The in-depth profiling and the wealth of articles on the unique aspects of the community has been appreciated.

The portal offers many interactive features for unparalleled user experience. The Detailed Profile and a Partner Search by attributes like Profile ID, age, marital status make it easy for users to filter profiles. N&D had been behind the entire conceptualizing, designing and execution of this web portal.


CADD Centre is a world class educational institution that trains students in CADD Designing and other creative careers. It boasts of over 260 well-equipped training centres and a presence in 13 countries.

N&D bagged this brand recently and has re-engineered their entire brand communication from a fresh new perspective. The ads have also been standardized to project strong branding qualities. The strong points of the brand like its experience, expertise and number of centres were given prominence. The Diwali festive ad campaign drew an enthusiastic response as many students enrolled for the courses. This was followed by a series of ads for Dream Zone, a CADD Centre franchise across Mumbai, Kerala and Karnataka seeking new franchises.
Power Launches epower

The latest offering from the house of Power Soaps is epower detergent cake. We had designed the label of this price point pack with cutting edge graphic icons. This has found great appeal among today’s consumers as it embodies the value of the detergent cake which has been manufactured with the latest technology and equipment.

Guerilla Marketing Triumphs!

Guerilla Marketing is an unconventional method of promoting brands by engaging the customer. The greatest advantage is that this does not call for huge marketing budgets but instead focuses on using imaginative ways of reaching clients, sometimes at unexpected places! This is a highly focused strategy and the promotions need not necessarily be conventionally

attractive but rather come on strong to key prospects. The lifetime value of a customer is considered, not just the instant gratification of a quick sale.

Guerilla Marketing strategies are based


on human psychology using a combination of strategies and encourage the latest technology. We have promoted products and services targeted at a specific community by using this.  Innovative communication material was placed at temple festivals and weddings where large numbers of the community congregated. For instance, at one of the weddings arranged through, chic hand fans with the site's name and the name of the couple were distributed to all guests. This created brand awareness as well as strong recall and was a big hit.

Onam Celebrations at Indian Bank

Festivals are always occasions for planning new initiatives and bonding with customers. Spotting this potential, exclusive banners were designed for Onam and displayed at Indian Bank Branches. The colourful festive banners with the flavour of the festival showcased the account schemes the bank offered and also added a personal touch to the customer-bank relationship.

Going Wild to Protect Snakes!

N&D conceptualized and shot an educational film on protecting snakes for WAY (Wildlife and You) and this was supported by the Rotary Club of Chennai Central Aadithya. This film `Snakes, Learn With Fun’ is a well-researched film which features common poisonous and non-poisonous snakes

and acquaints students with them. School students livened up the film as

they learnt about various facets of snakes. It also has interviews of R. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Hindu Spiritual Leader, Romulus Whitaker, Herpetologist, Sundararajan, IFS,. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, S. Dravidamani, Secretary, Irula Snake Catcher’s ICS and Dr. M. Victor Louis Anthuvan, Economist & Professor. Finished with interesting special effects, this film will be aired in schools and will help students understand the need to protect snakes and preserve our bio-diversity.

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