Oct - Dec - 2009
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.  

Dear friends,


Wishing you a New Year that’s filled with new hopes and new dreams.

New Year is the time to look forward to greater achievements. As we rewind to the past year, we have happy memories, bagging the CADD Centre account, Power detergent commercials that became a craze, the success of the Kalaignar Kaapittu Thittam and much more.

In this edition, we take you through the CADD TVC, Hon’ble Kalaignar’s compliment , CADD QUEST 2010, Media strategy for 108 EMRI, the introduction of Tyko 1 and more.

As we step into the New Year, we thank you for your support and hope to continue this wonderful relationship.

M. Nachiappan

CM Appreciates N&D's Work

N&D had developed an outdoor creative innovation depicting the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Dr. M. Karunanidhi with people at the entrance of the Health Pavilion in the Tourism Trade Fair. At the inauguration held at Chennai Island Grounds, he complimented N&D's work saying. “ When I came onstage, I looked opposite me and wondered why about 200 people were facing the opposite direction. When I asked the organizer, he smiled and told me that they were not people but a piece of art depicting Kalaignar Kaapittu Thittam! This is the highlight of the scheme and also of the exhibition. I am sure this will draw a lot of crowd to the Trade Fair.”
Dream Zone Campaign Targets The Creative Streak!

Dream Zone, a division of CADD Centre offers training in Interior Design, Fashion Design and Animation. These were promoted with a vibrant print campaign that used various elements symbolic of creativity like colour pencils and so on. The campaign successfully drew in many new enrolments. .

Media Strategy for 108 EMRI

108 is the emergency ambulance service provided by the government of Tamilnadu to save valuable lives by rushing them to the hospital on time. The media strategy in association with GVK EMRI to build awareness about this service includes all Tamil television and radio channels for maximum coverage. The campaign is currently on air and going by surveys, it has achieved the objective successfully.


CADD TVC Creates a Flutter

The new CADD Centre TVC (Tamil) targeted the greatest concern for today’s youngsters, finding a good job. It showed two parents who are friends for a long time standing at the bus stop with their respective children, a boy and a girl. The ad shows the transition of time and at every point from primary school to high school and college, the girl beats the boy as she stands first. The boy’s father on hearing that says Engayo Poitta Ekambaram.

As they grow up, they meet at the bus stop again. The girl’s father complains that despite attending many interviews, she has failed to get a job. This time, the tables are turned as the boy’s father underlines that education is not complete without a certificate from CADD Centre. It ends on a happy note as the boy gives the girl a CADD Centre application. This innovative TVC was released in leading Tamil channels. This drew a good response and widespread enrolments. The concept of the TVC was widely appreciated.

Reach Out Through Social Media

The Social Media has been quietly revolutionizing the world of advertising. The term Social media includes both social networking websites and social bookmarking websites. Social networking websites can be defined as networks centred on making user connections and examples are Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

and so on.Social bookmarking websites are quite different and the concept is based on sharing user content like blog posts, articles, videos and so on. Examples are Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon.
Promoting your brand on social media allows you to target your audience clearly. You can place banner ads which are available in various sizes but it’s important that the content is engaging. You must have a social networking presence which could be in the form of a fan page, a micro site, a blog and so on. Getting the best of social media advertising is to go beyond blatant, conventional advertising and rather relate to the audience at their level by being a source of information, this will later result in conversions. In short, the trick is creating a buzz around your brand through regular updates.
Flamingo Campaign Was a Hit!

N&D designed a print campaign for Flamingo, each of which focused on a different aspect like the Lunch Combos, Weekend Buffet, Fusion menu and so on. This strategy worked well and drew a good response.
CADD Quest 2010 Dazzles!

CADD Centre has always had a keen eye for talent spotting and developing CAD professionals of high caliber. CADD QUEST 2010 is an all India initiative where thousands of students write this aptitude test and win scholarships evey year. N&D designed an attractive print campaign and a unique icon to promote this. In it's First Phase, it attracted 9248 participants from Tamilnadu.
Tyko 1 Makes Waves

Tyko 1 is a new brand from the House of Power and making waves in the detergent market. The wrapper for this value-for-money bar was designed in eye-catching colours like sunshine yellow, leaf green and crimson for greater visibility on racks.

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