Jan - March - 2010
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities.  
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We are glad to connect again. With the markets opening up, this is the time to be pro-active and leverage this by promoting your brands.
The past quarter was quite eventful and filled with activity. Our Dhillu Dhura campaign for Nambikkai Maiyyam (ICTC) took Tamilnadu by storm and was our greatest hit.

Our media innovation for the Red Ribbon Express also won us appreciation. Active Power has got a new look with brand icons. Our CADD Centre campaign took on a strong career focus while Dream Zone had a breezy approach to suit the brand. Flamingo went into celebratory mode. In BAY, we look at the huge business of celebrity endorsements and how they can uplift your brand to new levels.

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M. Nachiappan
Dhillu Dura Goes Digital

In keeping up with today’s world, Dhillu Dura reached the large online community through a digital campaign spread across social media networks and popular websites. Banner ads linked to the microsite www.dhilludurai.com were placed on sites like Yahoo, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo News, Rediff, Sify, Sify Sports, Chennaionline and The Hindu. Video ads were placed in India Today, Sulekha, Youtube, Bollywood and Tensports. The campaign was also carried across social networks like Facebook. Twitter and Orkut. Search engine marketing was carried out through text ads placed in Google. Specially designed theme emailers were sent to over one lakh users in Tamilnadu. The campaign drew a huge response..
Creative Joys With DZ

The Dream Zone campaign was a colourful, breezy campaign that aimed at attracting students to pursue creative careers. The vibrant brand colour pink and the bubble style gives the ads a fun twist. The ads brought in creative minds for enrollment.
Dhillu Dura, The Lovable Ruffian is a Hit!

When the lovable ruffian, Dhillu Dura suddenly popped up on posters, hoardings, TV and cinema halls across Tamilnadu, the question on everybody’s lips was whether this was a film or TV serial. The anticipation was built to a crescendo and it came as quite a big surprise when it was revealed as a social awareness campaign.

The concept of Dhillu Dura has been conceived by N&D Communications for Nambikkai Maiyyam, a joint initiative of TANSACS, USAID and APAC.
Dhillu Dura was given the build-up of a mass film hero dancing into the market swinging his belt buckle, kicking pots and raising a ruckus as people rushed to get out of his way. This teaser finished with the super Yaar Indha Dhillu Dura? The second version of this teaser shows him as a fearless character and a risk-taker who dives into adventure without thinking twice. When he ties his scarf on his hand, it means it’s a hunt for women and when he ties it on his head, it means he’s going to kill. 

The first two versions of the teaser firmly established the character of Dhillu Dura and showed him as extremely confident
and sure of himself, but the next teaser reflected a total contrast in mood. The people whom he teased now call him Dullu Durai. He seemed confused about something and consults everyone from a Killi Josiyam palmist to a Guduguduppukaran (Fortuneteller) to a quack doctor. Yet, he does not get his answer. The Super is Dhillu Durakkey Kulappama? The audience then became more curious to know the identity of Dillu Dura and what he was confused about. 

The revealer shows Dhillu Dura initially as confused but later going to Nambikkai Maiyam (ICTC) to clear his confusion. The super Dhillu Dura ippo thelivuthurai ayittaru then appeared..

Why Celebrity Endorsement

The celebrity endorsement market in India is pegged at Rs.850 crores. Cinema is deeply meshed in the fabric of common culture and stars are strong icons and opinion leaders with a cult following. This makes them very attractive as brand ambassadors.

The advantage of roping in celebrities for your ad promises instant attention and
also let your ad cut away from the clutter of hundreds of ads that your TG encounters everyday.
It also builds high brand recall and makes that magical brand connect where the star’s personality matches that of the product. For instance, actress Tamannah is the perfect brand ambassador for Nature Power beauty soap which promises fresh, glowing skin that the star possesses.

A celebrity also lends credibility to the brand increasing sales and improving brand image. The trick is to choose a celebrity that the target can relate to. When a celebrity becomes the face of a brand, its brand value goes up many notches.
Red Ribbon Express Zips Ahead!
N&D handled the event and media innovation for the Red Ribbon Express that was flagged off by Smt.Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi. This train was specially designed and travels throughout the

country to promote awareness about HIV/ AIDS. It reached Tamilnadu on the 4th March and left for Andhra on 3rd April. N&D organized a 2-day event at Chennai Central Station to commemorate this and it became a big crowd puller.

The event was lively with inflatable balloons, tattoo artists, face painting, folk dances and other activities. Gana Bala and Pushbavanam Kuppusamy livened the air with their foot tapping gana numbers. Dhillu Dura made a special appearance and received a rousing welcome. The highlight was the arrival of the Health Minister MRK Paneerselvam and Health Secretary who were appreciative of the efforts.

The whole event was captured with a multi-camera set-up and broadcast live on 3 giant LCD screens and 80 screens throughout the station. This amplified the magnitude of the event and gave it a 360 Degree impact.
Active Power Gets Brand Icons

The Active Power detergent bar labels have been given a friendlier look. The family that appears in the commercials have now become familiar with viewers. To extend this brand relationship further, these brand icons now appear on the labels. This gives the labels a personal touch and builds a strong emotional connect with the consumer.
Cool Summer Offer at CADD Centre!

The summer vacation is the perfect time for students to upgrade their skills and make themselves industry ready.
Targeting this segment, we designed the Cool Summer Offer campaign for CADD Centre and a special icon was created for this. In keeping with the theme, the model was shown sipping a cool tender coconut. The campaign was launched in leading newspapers like the TOI, Deccan Chronicle and Hindu.

This had a good response as students found it good value for money. It gave them the exclusive benefits of training with a world class centre at an attractive price.
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