Apr - June - 2010
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities
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Greetings! It’s great to make that mid-year connect. A time to happily rewind what has been achieved and also a time to look forward to bigger achievements in the rest of the year. Join us as we take a happy journey through Dream Zone, i-Flo, Indian Bank and our social awareness campaigns for KKT, EMRI 108 and Dhillu Dura. In BAY, we look at how changing a logo can make a refreshing difference to any brand.

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Nature Power Whips up the Froth in Dubai!

Nature Power Beauty Soap which has a good market share in India is now all set to make ripples in Dubai! Select variants like Lime, Rose, Papaya Aura and 21 Herbs have been launched in the market. To cater to this market, the packaging has been given a fresh new twist incorporating Arabic text.

Branding Activity For Indian Bank

Indian Bank is keenly focused on building stronger relationships with its customers right from the day one becomes a new customer. We have designed their communication material that builds awareness of the various products and services offered. Their signature colours have been used and friendly fonts have been selected to keep the branding in place. These match the new outlook of the Bank and its technology backbone.
Launching a Powerful Brand Image for i-FLO!

i-Flo Salt is the maiden FMCG brand from GHCL a leading salt manufacturer in India, who packs salt for all the major brands in India and Abroad. This iodised and refined salt is being launched across South India and the challenge for N&D was to build a clearly defined brand image in the minds of the target.
It has been positioned as a healthy salt for the family and this core benefit has been highlighted in the tagline. To complement this, a family of 4 are the face of the brand. This has also helped build trust and an emotional attachment. Marketing collaterals and POP material were designed to carry the brand forward.
EMRI 108 Campaign Posts Exceptional Results

A post-campaign analysis of the EMRI 108 mass media campaign in Tamil Nadu has brought plenty of cheer. It has proved a clear winner and here’s the proof! Statistics from EMRI confirm the reach and effect. After the campaign, there has been an increase of 13% in emergency medical calls and a drastic reduction in fake calls. The average calls per day grew 50% post the campaign.
This proves that the communication in the Voiceover “ Thevayatra call galai Thavirpom, Ambulancekku vazhi viduvom” has had a good reach in the minds of the masses.
Campaigns with a Cause!

N&D has been buzzing with social campaigns too! Here’s a look!
The Kalaignar Kaapittu Thittam was a resounding success and the initial ad campaign contributed to building awareness. Post-this, the new campaign showed the beneficiaries and touched hearts with a little girl. Feel her happiness now!

The EMRI 108 was another pulsating campaign that created awareness about the emergency service. It used visual markers to spread the message that this was available at various towns and cities in Tamil Nadu.


Why should you change your logo?

The logo is the face of your brand and most companies have poured lakhs of rupees in promoting it on their communication material. However, a change in logo can infuse new life into a brand. Some of the most iconic brands like Pepsi, Coke, Adidas, IBM, Nokia, BMW and others have undergone many iterations across the years and survived as long-lasting brands. For instance, Apple’s original logo was a pen and ink
drawing of Newton sitting under a tree and it was later changed into a half-bitten apple.
Closer home, Indian companies like Videocon, Wipro, Canara Bank, Repco Homes, TVS, Bajaj, TATA, Mahindra have changed their logos many times according to their focus at the given
time. Changing a logo will not necessarily increase your overheads, in many cases it results in huge savings. For instance Fed Ex – after changing their logo from the original Federal Express saved millions on painting the new name since it was shorter.

The cost savings apart, a well executed logo redesign can help a company project a new image as a forward thinking company. It repositions the company’s brand in the mind of customers and is a reflection of the company’s new business focus or direction. It also attracts new prospects and can increase business. Therefore, it makes sound business sense to change the logo.
Dream Zone Ignites Dreams!
Dream Zone offers a wide range of creative careers like interior design, fashion design and animation and this needed to be promoted differently. The concept of a dream was conveyed powerfully through a peppy music video style jingle. A girl sits at her desk dreaming and we travel through her dream where she soars on the wings of creativity, sails on a boat, lies on the beach daydreaming and more. A boy with design books dreams of a future in the field. It ends with the super of the various characters in the film saying ‘Verum dream illa, Career Dream’. This is on air now in all the music channels across India and has caught up with the youth.
Reddykalyanam Launched
N&D Communications has developed www.reddykalyanam.net for Alliance Interactive. This is a community portal exclusively for the Reddy community. After the success of the previous community portals, the company hopes to replicate the success with this one too. With fine interactive features, user-friendliness and many value-added benefits, this is appealing and easy to use. It has just been launched and its popularity is growing in leaps and bounds.
Active Power a New Look!
Active Power Detergent Cake’s packaging has got a cool new look that incorporates blue and yellow! The contemporary aqua effect reflects the brand’s new ideas and progressive initiatives. A quality product from the House of Power Soaps that lives up to its name.

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