Jul - Sep - 2010
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities
Dear Friends,

Greetings! Our recent campaigns have gained us appreciation not just from the TG but also the media. Our Dhillu Dura campaign was appreciated by both the offline and online media. The KKT commercial showing a small girl writing to Kalaignar thanking him for saving her life had an emotional touch. The vernacular magazine Kalki specifically mentioned that it reached the economically weaker sections of society in a realistic and thought-provoking way.

Wish you a very Happy Diwali that sparkles with every joy!

Warm Regards,

A Fresh Look at EMRI 108!

Awareness of the free EMRI 108 ambulance service has been created through a TV campaign. As an extension of this, a special documentary on the working of the ambulance and the facilities available inside it were showcased. This was shown during the news segment and had a large viewership.

Festive Campaign For CADD!

CADD Centre kicked off the festive season with sparkle and style! The unique D2D (Dasera to Diwali) Offer was promoted through a print ad campaign in leading newspapers The Hindu and Times of India. This attractive offer had a massive response.
i-Flo Launches Speciality Salt
. i-Flo is a salt brand from the house of GHCL. Their USP is that they have a wide range of salts from basic iodised refined salt to speciality variants like Herbal Salt, Crystal Salt, Iron Fortified Salt and Low Sodium Salt. We have designed the packaging in vibrant colours with a feel good factor.

A happy family shares the joy of having made a healthy choice. The brand is fast making inroads in the South Indian market where it has been launched.

EMRI 108 Campaign Posts Exceptional Results

Power has always made TV commercials that instantly strike a chord with audiences. Power had a limited period offer that had to be conveyed quickly and get a larger reach. So we decided to make humour the catch point. A husband makes his wife happy by washing clothes, bathing the kids but above all she is elated when he gets two Nature Power Bathing Soaps free with Nature Power Detergent Powder. This was made in all South Indian languages and has become an instant hit.

Branding a Heritage Chidambara Vilas
Chidambara Vilas from the Sangam group of hotels is a heritage resort that was the ancestral home of a Chettiar family. The resort which has been restored to its former glory offers visitors a true taste of Chettinad hospitality and this theme had to reflect in the branding. It offers heritage rooms that recreate the lifestyle of a prosperous Chettiar.

The 360 degree branding exercise involves everything from the logo, business cards, menu cards, collaterals to signage. The logo was designed like a coat of arms with horses, a design that reflected the legacy of Chettinad.

Social Advertising

Social advertising or public service advertising is always linked to a cause. This could be varied as getting across Government messages on health or beneficial schemes or to raise funds for an NGO. The aim is to inform, educate and motivate the target about these non-commercial issues. While general commercial advertising speaks rational, the success of social advertising lies in appealing to the emotional quotient of the target.
Its vital to infuse the message with emotional resonance that will move the target to action. Celebrities are often used and this is an effective strategy as it draws on their popularity. The ads must be realistic in style and steer away from the gloss commercial ads tend to have. For instance, ads for the NGO CRY feature real children and not models. Most of us are rather skeptical about fund-raising NGOs, so statistics and testimonials with photos can increase credibility. The key is to keep social advertising real, emotional and direct.

N&D has a specialised team to devise and execute strategies for social advertising.

Cooking up Innovation on Celebrity Show!

Innovation in branding is the key to engage the consumer. The brand integration of I-Flo with the Modhi Paarkalam cookery show on Vijay TV was unique and gave the brand phenomenal mileage.

On this popular show, two celebrities vied with each other to cook the best dish.The VJ provided regular mention of i-Flo in the

script, the brand was included in the ingredient list both as voice and text.

There was also a scroller for Trade Enquiries. Product visibility was also high as it was stacked on the racks in the backdrop and the pack was also visible when the celebrities sprinkled the salt on the dishes. This innovation was carried across all 20 episodes of this popular show.
This program apart, another brand-building exercise was done on Sun News channel where the brand image was shown on the strip 80 times a day.
Dentasculpt Studio
Dentasculpt is a cosmetic and orthodontic chain of dental studios expanding rapidly across Tamilnadu. We are handling the entire branding initiatives right from the logo to marketing collaterals that built the brand image of a sophisticated centre.
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