Oct - Dec - 2010
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities
Dear Friends,

Wishing you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year & Pongal! As we are being transformed into an information-driven society, a growing trend in advertising is that the stress on the quality of content is increasing. The plain vanilla feel-good ads are giving way to information-rich capsules as consumers turn more discerning. This is a trend that is showing up in our creatives as well. Prime examples from our last quarter are the CADD Success Secret Campaign, Power TVCs, CeMonc commercials and Coconut promotion ads. The common thread that runs through these is that beyond the visual beauty and technical finesse, they have a base of strong informative value.

Warm Regards,
Flamingo Unveils Peppy New Year Campaign!

Flamingo brought in the New Year with a huge buffet spread, games and festivity. This was promoted in the vibrant New Year campaign and this was a phenomenal success. The campaign was carried in the Hindu Metro Plus and neighbourhood newpapers.

Active Power Gets a Fresh Look!
The packaging of Active Power Detergent Cake was given a fresh new look by introducing elements of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. This reiterated the citrus power, the detergent promises. This blue and yellow pack is attractive and stands out when placed on shop racks.
CADD Launches Success Secret Campaign!

CADD Centre has always been a pioneer in infusing new ideas and global standards into its training sessions. Keeping in line with this, we decided to give the ad campaign a whole new outlook. We developed the CADD Success Secret Campaign and this is being well-received. This campaign does not just promote the CADD Centre brand but also provides readers useful tips on succeeding in their careers. This has gone beyond the call of mere advertising and is a wholesome educative experience.
Pester Power Whips up Froth!
Todayís children play an important role in the familyís purchase decisions. They not only have their own purchasing power, they influence their parents' buying decisions and are the adult consumers of the future. This inspired Nature Power Beauty Soap to launch a series of TV commercials that featured kids. The first ad featured a quiz show where a quiz master asks questions about Power Soap and the participants answer elaborating the benefits of the soap that include keeping skin soft, healthy, a good TFM quotient and more. The second TV commercial promoted Nature Power Papaya Aura on basis of the price point for 75 gms. Both TVCs end with the pack shot of the soap variants. These have been released in all the South Indian states in the respective languages.
Going Coconut Crazy!
The coconut is one of the greatest gifts to human beings as every part of it is nutritious and brims with good health. The Tamilnadu Coconut Farmers Welfare Board (TNCFWB) assigned N&D to promote this healthy, natural fruit across Tamilnadu. N&D developed a unique logo featuring a coconut palm and a large tender coconut with the benevolent sun above. This simple yet powerful visual in red, green and yellow built powerful brand recall. The crafting of the logo was followed by the development of a press ad campaign in English and Tamil which elaborated the benefits of consuming this wonder fruit. This has pushed up the popularity levels of this fruit.
The Importance of Corporate Branding

The value of corporate branding in a TV commercial can never be stressed enough. With respect to brand promotion in a TVC, this refers to the final appearance of the corporate identity on screen, usually with special effects and theme music. This is the prime takeaway for the viewer and the point of corporate brand recall.
The few seconds that it takes makes a major impact on the mind and leads to strong corporate brand recall.
Corporate branding can equip any new product or service in different verticals with an instant credibility and value, this cannot be reproduced with any sort of
product focused marketing effort. No matter how many brand variants there are, whatís important is that the TVC ends with the corporate identity.

This streamlines the marketing efforts and gives a unified reach thatís larger. It also stretches the budget for maximum gain. One of the prime examples is the Power Soap TVCs. Though Power has a large bouquet of verticals like health, hygiene, beauty, beverages and so on, the end card always reflects the corporate branding.
CeMonc TVCs Have a Realistic Touch!

CeMonc (Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric & Neonatal Care) an initiative of the Tamilnadu Government offers free care to pregnant mothers from underprivileged families. N&D was assigned the task of developing TV commercials to create awareness of these free schemes. The treatment was realistic and the TVCs showed real situations that the TG could relate to. The first showed a mother-in-law happily sharing that her daughter-in-law and her newborn were healthy thanks to the

regular visits to CeMonc. The bg shows the mother carrying the baby. Besides the awareness created, it also had a sentimental touch that won the hearts of audiences.
The second commercial opens with a farm labourer in the field when the father-in-law meets him wanting to take his pregnant daughter home to his village as there are better medical facilities. At this, the son-in-law assures him that CeMonc is available and she is already visiting them regularly.
Alliance Interactive Launches 6 New Portals

Alliance Interactive has been pro-active and moving ahead with new community portals. Each of these specialized portals cater to a specific community. They have met with an overwhelming success rate with 52% of the members finding their life partners in 3 months. The ease of use and the detailed profiles have made them a hit. N&D recently developed six new portals for the Chettiar, Iyengar, Reddiar, Yadhava, Naicker and Pillai communities. These have also been attracting many prospective brides and grooms seeking their dream partners.
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