Apr - Jun - 2011
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities 
Dear Friends,

Greetings! Launches are full of surprises, the thrill of unveiling a brand new idea and watching the TGís reaction is truly a wonderful experience. This quarter has been filled with many new launches from the adventurous Narasuís TVC, Powerís Multi-lingual campaign, CADD Centreís Summer Campaign to the CKH THulasi Enclave launch. We also created social awareness through a campaign spreading awareness on cervical cancer. This was a very fulfilling experience.

In BAY, we look at Digital Marketing and how it can make a better connect with the TG. We have focussed on a specialised area Push and Pull marketing and leveraging this for brand benefit. With changing trends, brands need to adapt themselves to the changing market.

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Power Launches Multi-lingual Campaign

Triple Power Detergent Powder launched a new offer campaign that featured exciting free offers that included Nature Power Soaps and an attractive bucket. This offer campaign was launched with a multi-lingual vernacular print campaign across South Indian states. Popular vernacular magazines of each region like Vanitha, Kumudam, Aval Vikatan, Taranga Weekly, Shwathi were chosen to showcase the campaign..
Cool Summer Campaign For CADD!
CADD targeted students who were enjoying their summer holidays with a youthful and vibrant campaign. This included ads that showed the spirit of summer with colourful loungers on a beach and a model posing at the beach. The campaign urged students to make the best of the holidays by getting a professional qualification from CADD Centre which would be the stepping stone to a global career. This turned out to be a highly successful campaign.
Push & Pull Digital Marketing!

Web usage globally has increased 10% ensuring the popularity of the medium is impossible to ignore. Besides this, gaining great prominence is the Indian telecommunication industry which is the world's fastest growing industry with 826.93 million mobile phone subscribers as of April 2011 and projected to grow to 1.159 billion mobile subscribers by 2013.

The growth of the net and telecommunications has in turn pushed the growth of digital marketing. While some brands have completely shifted
from traditional channels, others have preferred to include digital marketing as part of the media plan. An effective marketing mix is essential to reach every customer touch point with a consistent, relevant brand message. Digital marketing includes banner advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click campaigns, e campaigns, SMS campaigns.

Digital marketing can be classified as push or pull marketing strategies. Push marketing strategies can be targeted to a specific target audience and include sending out emailers, SMSes and promotions through online advertising.

Pull marketing includes creating pages on social media sites carrying information on the brand and also allowing views and downloads of ebooks, videos or white papers which the target would voluntarily do. Either way digital marketing enhances the all round brand image, builds better recall and pushes sales.
CaCX Ė A Social Awareness Campaign

In Tamil Nadu, Cervical Cancer is the second most common cancer to affect women, especially those in rural areas. 80% of these women in the low socio-economic strata are at risk owing to the lack of awareness regarding the disease and the services available to combat this.

We designed the TNHSP campaign to create awareness of Cervical Cancer the need for CaCX testing and that it was offered free. The approach taken was realistic and consisted of four different TVCs. One had a husband talking about how he had taken his wife for the checkup and its importance.

The second had a woman who had gone for the test and on the Doctorís advice underwent treatment. The third showed a poor family in a hut where the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are visited by nurses who tell them about CaCX testing and that it was free. The fourth used celebrity appeal, Dr. Kamal Selvaraj Obstetrician and Gynecologist advising women above 30 years to take the test.

Narasuís Trail of Adventure

Infusing new life into the familiar brand of the Narasuís range of Rava, Atta and Maida was a challenge thrown at N&D! We decided to break away from the time tested route of shooting food brands in the kitchen or home and decided to take it literally on an exciting and youthful adventure.

The peppy jingle starts with `Indha Vazhkai Oru Payanam Thaane, Come on Letís move.í It stars a boy whose backpack is filled with Narasuís Atta by his mother. He sets off for the snowy Himalayas with his friends. As they trek, they find it tougher as the snow gets heavier.

At this point, they decide to take a break, pitch their tents and light a campfire. They start cooking a sumptuous meal using Narasuís Atta and one of them recalls the love of his mother. An intercut takes the audience to his house where his mother makes chapathis and he eats these with relish. It ends with a pack shot with the Narasuís tagline Anbodu Kalantha Sakthi Sariyana Vigithathil.

Launch Campaign for CKH Thulasi Enclave!

CKH Thulasi Enclave is a premium apartment project in Coimbatore. Aishwaryam was the theme of this launch campaign that wove together the values of divinity and prosperity that the brand name stands for.

At the pooja, the theme was further elaborated with large outdoor signages and standees designed to highlight the features of the project and showcase completed projects.

The launch campaign was a huge success with 100% conversion and had a great deal of reach and recall value among customers and prospects.
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