Jul - sep - 2011
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities 
Dear Friends,

Wishing you a Happy Diwali! Keeping with the season, we have uncorked exciting campaigns for clients like CADD Centre and Fashion Look. These two campaigns truly sparkle with joy, take a look! Peppers TV with exciting programs lights up the season!

Flamingo’s Forgotten Flavours of Tamilnadu was made truly unforgettable with an interesting campaign and great food at the restaurant. Nature Power Soaps premiered its Adhiroopasundari campaign on all Tamil channels. Not to be left behind, CIDC has gone with a whole new look.

BAY looks beyond the scope of just television advertising and tells you how you can harness media innovation for your brand.

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CADD D2D Offer Sparkles!

CADD Centre unveiled its D2D – Dasami to Diwali Offer recently. The campaign carried in leading dailies evoked a good response from students and engineering professionals looking to enhance their career prospects. To bring in the festive feel diyas and festive designs in vibrant colours like red and orange were used. The campaign is garnering a good response as seats are filling up fast.
Adhiroopasundari Richa walks into hearts!
Nature Power Soaps premiered its brand new campaign this Diwali starring the gorgeous heroine of Osthi and Mayakkam Enna, Richa Gangopadhyay.

The beautiful lass walked into hearts in a flowing angelic gown and wowed viewers with the freshness and beauty the soap brings. The backdrop consists of elegant martial artists whose skilful sword play is a treat to watch. Watch the campaign on all Tamil channels.

Piping Hot Peppers TV Turns on The Heat!

Peppers Entertainment Television is a brand new Tamil satellite channel just launched across Tamilnadu. We are handling the creative duties for this urban next generation Tamil youth channel that redefines entertainment with innovative programming and is winning the hearts of Tamil viewers. We designed the corporate identity for Peppers in a vibrant red and used a
stylish doodle of a pepper to represent it. This has been extended to their branding like signages, onscreen mnemonic and so on.
The Peppers TV website has been designed in a fiery red and the home page gives one a feel of programs in store with tiny notes with adjectives on them.

The tagline ‘turn on the heat’ conveys the bold and trendy approach the channel will have. We have also designed the logo animation and a peppy theme song. Theme based promotional animation films that will promote programmes in exciting and innovative ways been created too.

Media Innovation on Television

With changing consumer preferences, it’s also important that brands innovate to get the best out of television advertising. Besides, the obvious method of airing television commercials, there are other interesting strategies to catch the eye. The lines between advertising and entertainment are blurring as new creative ways are taking off. For instance, from traditional channels, for i-Flo Salt, we had innovated by using
the brand in a cookery show as part of the ingredients. This not only gave it visibility but was also integrated right into the show. Other ideas include adding vignettes about the product as part of the show.

Another example of an interesting innovation was run by Ford in the USA. For four nights, they broadcast a brand commercial and a prize draw commercial. Viewers could enter the prize draw by phoning, texting or pressing the red button. The night’s lucky winner was announced the same evening. There were 50,000 responses.

Planning ahead can help in getting an innovative deal and integrating the brand right into the program. Media innovation also increases brand recall, pushes sales and builds a better TG connect.
Forgotten Flavours of Tamilnadu Campaign

We created a highly successful campaign for Flamingo restaurant to promote their food festival Forgotten Flavours of Tamilnadu. The chefs had authentically recreated the treasured recipes of ancient Tamilnadu. The ad campaign in the Hindu Metroplus included images that evoked the ancient traditions of South Indian hospitality and food like the Padi (Measure), colourful spices, porcelain pickle jars and so on. This was further supplemented by distribution of flyers and billboards.
Fashion Look Festive Campaign!

The Diwali season kicked off in style at Fashion Look. We created a colourful campaign featuring models in festive clothes set against a festive backdrop. We designed an ad campaign and also in-store promotions like attractive PoPs and larger than life billboards.

The campaign focussed on the trendiness, diversity of the collection and the affordability. This has brought in a huge stream of shoppers..

CIDC Site gets a New Look!

The Construction Industry Development Council is a dynamic body that keeps up with trends in the industry. We have made the site reflect the change and revamped it. The green was changed to a vibrant blue that showed progressiveness. The navigation was improved for easier access to information. The design was made sleeker and contemporary to increase its appeal.
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