Jan - Mar - 2012
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities 
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Greetings! We are happy to share the news that we won awards for our creative work at the Tamizh 2012 Awards from the Advertising Club Madras. This quarter has been quite exciting in the creative sense as a lot of innovative concepts have been rolled out and social media marketing has taken a leap. We launched a trendy summer campaign for Fashion Look, premiered the Venmaikku Kaavalkaaran campaign for Power Soaps and reengineered the Siva Valli Vilas brand.

Peppers got a brand new social media marketing campaign that increased its viewership and visibility. A unique heritage holiday campaign was launched for Chidambara Vilas and Innoart had digital style identity and collaterals. BAY talks about advertising on mobile apps.

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Rebranding Siva Valli Vilas

Regular rebranding is the key to keeping a brand fresh in the minds of clients. Siva Valli Vilas jewellery has been in the business for over 80 years and they felt it was time to give the brand a new look that would not only appeal to existing customers but also attract new ones. N&D re-engineered their corporate identity and brand strategy. This gave birth to a modernistic lotus in the corporate identity symbolizing prosperity. This has been adapted onto all their marketing collaterals..
Power Premieres Venmaikku Kaavalkaaran campaign
Venmaikku Kaavalkaaran or the whiteness warrior is the new campaign to promote the exciting offers from Power Soaps. A fresh jingle featuring two brave futuristic warriors with laser swords personifying the brand were used. It shows a family enjoying the whole process of washing with Power Soaps and wearing bright white clothes and interacting with the Kaavalkaarans. This has become a hit and the offers are enjoying an overwhelming response.
Branding with Mobile Apps

The mobile apps market is growing rapidly and their popularity is reflected by the 6 million downloads of the Angry Birds game last Christmas. Apps can be informative providing product reviews, deals information or cooking tips or entertaining like games. There is a growing value in using mobile applications to drive the TG towards a brand’s social presence, increasing acquisition and engagement.

Advertising on mobile apps encourages users to interact with the brand, this not only helps maintain the brand’s connection with the user but increase visibility to the user’s online friends. This plays a big role in extending the brand reach and increasing brand awareness. An overlay ad displays a video window with the ad.

One must place an ad in a suitable app that the TG will use. The content must be simple, easy to grasp and creative enough to grab eyeballs. This is a growing medium and a trend that is set to become huge.
Trendy summer campaign for Fashion Look

As winter gives way to summer, fashion too changes in step with it. Fashion Look’s vibrant new summer collection was promoted with an all new campaign. It featured cool summer wear and models who flaunted the latest designs. The campaign had a cool breezy feel that attracted customers. It was carried onto their ads, billboards and in-shop promotions.
Peppers takes to social media in a big way

Peppers launched a huge campaign across social media to connect with millions of viewers and generate a buzz. These included emailers, banner ads, and Roku Box campaigns. The communication message was kept simple and featured headlines like “Red Hot Now” and “Fire ‘n’ Spice” which is the essence of Peppers. Some of the popular shows were also showcased.
The emailer campaign was sent to our database. Banner ads were placed in popular sites like AgencyFaqs and also promotions on Roku Box. Facebook promotions included regular posts on the new happenings and shows from Peppers. These initiatives have developed a warm personal relationship with viewers.
Digital style branding for Innoart

Innoart develops IT solutions that fuse together innovation and an artistic sense. We undertook the assignment of creating their brand name to designing the logo and marketing collaterals. The entire exercise was futuristic, clean and had a digital style. The logo had vibrant colours and a stylized arc over the word art to symbolize progress. The ‘I’ had a red flame to symbolise forward thinking. The marketing collaterals had a clean corporate design with an easy to read format.
N&D wins creative awards

We share with joy and pride that we have won three prestigious Tamizh 2012 Awards from the Advertising Club Madras. Creativity and effectiveness of the campaigns were the criteria that brought us these awards. Our winning entries were for Narasu’s Atta which featured an inspiring jingle, a rural campaign on health awarness and the Peppers radio jingle. We thank you for your support and encouragement that have helped us achieve this new milestone.
Heritage holiday packages campaign launched!

Chidambara Vilas, a 108-year palatial Chettiar mansion is now a luxury heritage resort. We developed a campaign to promote this unique heritage holiday concept by showcasing its features like the ambience, Chettinad food and cultural attractions in the marketing collaterals. Large luxurious visuals and a clean design bring in the look and feel of the heritage resort.
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