Oct - Dec - 2012
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities 
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Greetings! The common thread that ran through all our recent campaigns was the emotional touch. Our series of TVCs for Power Detergents featured yesteryear star Nadiya as the brand ambassador and generated a lot of interest. Fashion Look’s Diwali campaign mesmerized with its festive colours ushered in spirit of the season.

Chidambara Vilas is a Chettinad heritage hotel and the ads used to promote it embodied the grandeur and the richness within. A young and peppy emailer campaign showcasing the different programs on Peppers TV was created and proved to be a big hit.

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Nadiya in Power’s Akkarai campaign!

Actress Nadiya starred in the Triple Power Detergent campaign shot recently. The star was selected as she embodies the values of a modern woman who can efficiently manage the home and life. The concept highlighted the fact that the brand’s commitment to caring for clothes will never stop.

In the first TVC, a wife accidentally spills pickle on her husband’s white shirt. He gets very upset that the stain won’t go, but then in walks Nadiya to the rescue and says, Karai pogum akkarai pogathu translated that Power can remove any stain but our commitment to caring, never!

The second one has three friends worrying about a grease stain when Nadiya assures them that Power can remove any stain. In the third TVC, a mother is upset with her son for getting a chocolate stain all over his t-shirt. Nadiya arrives and explains the Power promise.

One is a testimonial style ad where she recalls how a birthday shirt and wedding anniversary sari remain new as she uses the brand.
Getting The Link Right!

Every good ad campaign must have synergy across various mediums. Normally this is done though carrying out the same idea throughout the campaign, say for instance in print, radio and TV. This is at a simple, basic level. However, if you want to get the most out of your ad spend, the level of synergy should be increased.
To maximize value, campaigns can be interlinked in different ways. For instance,print ads can carry a contest with the TG having to watch the TV commercial to answer the contest.
For a new product launch, it can even take the form of teasers in print with the product being revealed in a TVC.

In today’s context, with social media marketing becoming part of campaigns, a lot of creativity has been pouring in. Recently. Diet Coke ran a teaser ad on its FB page featuring a handsome hunk, a throwback on its classic yesteryear TV commercials. This was done to mark its 30 years of existence. Effective planning can build the right synergy for your brand.
Diwali campaign for Fashion Look!

A truly dazzling campaign was created for Fashion Look this Diwali. The models flaunted the trendiest styles in an exuberant mood. The idea was to capture the happiness of the festival in an unobtrusive way. The image showed models in their festive finery against a backdrop of festive colours and the copy complemented this idea. The Diwali feel was further enhanced with an icon.

Repco Home Finance Goes Pan-Indian
Repco Home Finance, a unique home loan product recently launched its Pan-Indian ad campaign. The TVC which featured the Repco Home Finance Manager visiting a home and explaining the product touched an emotional chord. It built trust and pointed out the USP of the product like quick processing , no agents, immediate document delivery, no waiting period, free insurance and so on. It was released in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, English, and Marathi. This helped the brand extend itself to new boundaries.
Email campaign for
Peppers TV

Peppers TV is growing form strength to strength. Its popular programs like Stir Fry, Padithathil Pidithau, Horror Night, Cover Page and others were showcased in the emailer campaign that N&D had created for them. The brand colour red was used for brand recall and also to suggest the young and peppy character of the channel.

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