Jan - Mar - 2013
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities 
Dear Friends,

It’s great to connect with you once again in 2013 and the year brings many new and exciting campaigns. As we work with refreshed vigour, here’s a look at the work we’ve crafted, loved and released.

We designed a whole new site for Aishwarya Events, health campaigns for TNHSP, a sizzling summer campaign for Fashion Crew, a brand new logo for RKN hotel and more. In BAY, we take a look at celebrities in advertising and how you can really pull it off.

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Nadiya in Power’s Akkarai campaign!

Actress Nadiya starred in the Triple Power Detergent campaign shot recently. The star was selected as she embodies the values of a modern woman who can efficiently manage the home and life. The concept highlighted the fact that the brand’s commitment to caring for clothes will never stop.

In the first TVC, a wife accidentally spills pickle on her husband’s white shirt. He gets very upset that the stain won’t go, but then in walks Nadiya to the rescue and says, Karai pogum akkarai pogathu translated that Power can remove any stain but our commitment to caring, never!

The second one has three friends worrying about a grease stain when Nadiya assures them that Power can remove any stain. In the third TVC, a mother is upset with her son for getting a chocolate stain all over his t-shirt. Nadiya arrives and explains the Power promise.

One is a testimonial style ad where she recalls how a birthday shirt and wedding anniversary sari remain new as she uses the brand.
Should you use a celebrity in your ad?

Using celebrities in your ads is not a new thing but here’s a look how it can enhance your brand image and promote it. When you choose a celebrity to endorse your brand, the first thing to think about is the brand personality and it’s fit with the celeb. For a washing powder brand for instance, a popular married actress would work well as she
would match the TG who are likely to be wives managing the home. For an energy
drink, a sports celebrity would fit the bill.

It’s also important to look at the celebrity’s market. Celebrities have cycles of being popular and fading out. Observe the proposed celebrity’s career graph and the likelihood of an increase in popularity or retaining the same level before you decide.

Budget is the biggest factor that dictates the kind of celebrity you get. Work out the economics of it. See if your outflow would bring you the kind of inflow in terms of sales.
Healthy Heart TVCs Released!

N&D had developed a series of TVCs for TNHSP targeted at prevention of heart disease. Since it was aimed at the masses, it used real life situations and common people like a tailor, shopkeeper, and businessman so on to demonstrate the ill-effects of eating very oily and fat-filled foods that could affect the heart. The heart was personified in 3-D and its actual feelings on having to deal with fat, oil and stress were shown. This made people relate easily and not only was the awareness high, the message recall value was also high.

Hot New Site for Aishwarya Events
Aishwarya Events has been creating waves with their events. These have touched millions of lives by making them an event to remember. It has organized Award Shows, Weddings, TV Shows, Road Shows, Product Launches, and Religious Events to Political Mass Meetings.They needed a site that would reflect their skills and the spirit of the occasion. At a glance, users can access the service or information they want, this user friendliness has been much appreciated.
Eco-friendly Logo for
RKN Hotel!

RKN Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel that does its bit for the planet with its green policies. The logo was designed in the shape of a leaf with two distinct parts and colours. While the green symbolized the eco-friendliness, the blue symbolized the relaxation and soothing effect of the environment offered.

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