Apr - Jun 2013
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities 
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Greetings! Itís great to touch base with you all once again. Creativity and communication have such a great potential to change mindsets, build brands and enliven existing ones.

In this issue, you will find the health awareness campaigns for TNHSP that feature Meena, TG specific brand design for TNPL Cement, promotions for Alliance Events and more. In BAY, we feature ďMake Discounts & Sales Work for Your BrandĒ.

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Celebrity Campaign Against Breast Cancer For TNHSP

Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. TNHSP geared up to create awareness about this cancer and disseminate information on breast self-examination, prevention and treatment. When N&D undertook research in this area, we also found that this was a sensitive topic and most women were reluctant to talk about it.

N&D created a print campaign and TV commercial that not only created awareness but also sought to break the taboos built around talking about it.The most popular was one where actress Meena encourages women to speak out

about breast cancer and seek information on it.

She explains the importance of breast self-examination and directs them to act if they find anything worrying by getting a free check-up done at Government hospitals.
Make Discounts & Sales Work For Your Brand

Attractive discounts and sales that are well promoted through an ad campaign can work wonders for your brand. Not only is it a quick attention grabbing tactic, it also helps you steal an edge over your competitor and grab a major chunk of business. Besides your regular customers, you will also attract new customers who will be tempted to try out your product or service.
Discounts and sales can be seasonal, for instance the Aadi or other festive sales. Besides this, you can also come up with a creative excuse to give away a discount especially at times when you find that business is dull.

Make sure that you have a deadline for the discounts and sales or they will simply lose value. You can make these more creative by offering them on select products if you are selling a range of products or variants.These also help you build stronger customer relationships, so go ahead!
Attractive Brand Design For TNPL Cement

TNPL which is a well-known name in printing circles has now diversified into cement manufacture. N&D was assigned to create a fresh brand image of this product.

The logo of the brand was prominently displayed. The colour scheme was confined to green and black on white as this would be distinct. It offers two varieties of cement, Portland Pozzalano Cement and Ordinary Portland Cement, these can be distinguished clearly from each other as one sports a light green and the other a dark green.

CaCX Campaign for TNHSP Goes on Air
N&Dís campaign for TNHSP to create awareness about Cervical Cancer had the right mix of fact, engagement and allowed the TG to relate to it. The TG is primarily women in rural areas where this is the second most common cancer to affect women.

Four different TVCs had been created with each in a different vein and included celebrity appeal too. Devyani, Actress Anitha Kuppusamy, Folk Singer and Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, Obsterician encouraged women above 30 to take the cervical cancer test. The response was good.
Alliance Events Gets Sleek Promos

Alliance Events is a high profile wedding planning company. They organize the wedding and wedding related events like parties, reception, mehendi and so on.

They needed to develop a brand identity and images that slotted them in the top bracket. We designed a promotional package for them that included a mailer, posters and so on.

The communication was sleek and classy as the target was high-end customers. It received a good response and they attracted lots of customers.

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