Jul - Sep 2013
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities 
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Greetings! It has been quite an eventful few months for us. The all new Nature Power Beauty Soap campaign has been unveiled and it features various segments of their TG. TNHSP ‘s campaign against Diabetes is in full swing.

Power Whitener’s brand new Standee Pouch is out on the shelves, Fashion Look’s festive campaign is doing the rounds and Peppers TV launched it’s Rocking Red! Digital campaign. In BAY, we take a look at rural marketing.

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Peppers Rocking Red Digi Campaign Declared a Hit!

N&D had created a digital campaign for Peppers TV to grab new eyeballs and promote new offerings. The digital campaign is eye-catching and titled Rocking Red! Also promoted is the ‘Awesome Foursome’ line that spells out the key offerings that the channel has - lifestyle, movies, music, trends.

Fashion Look’s Stylish Diwali Campaign
Fashion Look caters to the entire family and its campaign focused on various segments like ladies, kids, teens and so on. Kids and teens had a festive message and they were shown wearing clothes with a festive touch. The campaign has generated many new footfalls besides drawing their regular customers.
Conquer The Indian Rural Market!

Attractive discounts and sales that are well promoted through an ad campaign can work wonders for your brand. Not only is it a quick attention grabbing tactic, it also helps you steal an edge over your competitor and grab a major chunk of business. Besides your regular customers, you will also attract new customers who will be tempted to try out
your product or service.
Rural markets are scattered and therefore besides advertising in the mass media, other channels of communication have to be considered. This can include a mix of publicity vans, billboards, and advertising on walls and compounds.
Rural areas have limited entertainment options, so when communicating to them, making it entertaining helps to draw in the eyeballs. They also have a lower consumption frequency. While an urban consumer may buy a product 12 times a year, a rural consumer might purchase the same just 4 times.

Therefore, different packaging and smaller sized products are a must. Power Soaps actively penetrated the rural market with its small sachets. A well-planned and researched brand strategy can expand a brand’s rural markets.
TNHSP Launches Diabetes Campaign!

TNHSP launched a Diabetes campaign to spread awareness of the disease, prevention strategies and Diabetes control. The first TVC shows a couple at the panchayat, the husband complains that the wife does not make tasty fried food and instead makes vegetables.

She responds saying that he has Diabetes. Then the Panchayat head decrees that he should continue living with her and gives tips on controlling Diabetes.
The boss of a company shows how he makes sure exercise becomes part of his daily routine by taking the stairs instead of the lift and so on. He then says that if we do our little chores by ourselves, we can keep Diabetes at bay.
Another TVC shows a daughter taking care of her diabetic father with checkups, exercise and healthy foods.
One more shows and auto driver inviting the other for a drink. However, he refuses saying he’s preventing Diabetes by avoiding a rich diet, exercising and stopping alcohol and cigarettes. All of these had a good reach and are a hit with the TG.
Nature Power’s Fresh New Campaign!

Simple and absolutely fresh creatives that strike a chord with audiences are what the new campaign is all about. Keep it straight and simple has been the strategy and it has worked phenomenally well!

The first TVC has a group of girls in a bharatnatyam dance class and one walks up to her friend and tells her that she has a bad odour problem and provides the solution Nature Power Beauty soap. Another shows a young lady enjoying the sensation of her bath confident that her Nature Power Papaya Aura makes her prettier!
Nature Power Herbal Soap comes with 26 herbs with medicinal and wellness properties, this was the focus in its TVC. A teenager complains that none of the creams that make tall claims about clear skin have worked for her. The problem-solution approach has been employed and she is given the soap as her solution.
Another TVC shows a small boy who is trying to escape from bathing. His grandmother shows him a bar of soap and calls him but he’s quite clear that he won’t budge from his stance. However, when his mother shows him Nature Power Beauty Soap, he readily agrees. The tagline that comes on in the voice over is ‘ Ennoda thervu’ which means ‘My choice’.
Power Microwhitener Launches Standee Pouch

Power Microwhitener is creating a buzz in the market with its all new standee pouch. The colourful packaging highlights the Colour Zipper technology by using colourful flowers and a series of colourful t-shirts. On shelves, it attracts attention by its vibrant presence.

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