Jan - Mar 2013
A Quarterly low-down on N&D’s activities 
Dear Friends,

It’s good to connect with you once again. After a memorable election and the win of Narendra Modi, we hope for a positive change. We believe that there will be a growth in the economy and this is the time to get into aggressive marketing and reach out to it.

We have plenty of happiness to share. We have won 3 MADDY Awards and are thrilled with it, read all about our win. Creativity and team work can surely create magic and these awards stand testimony to it.

Our mailer campaign for Peppers and our print campaign for Nature Power Soaps have been a big hit. Our breast cancer awareness campaign for TNHSP has been lauded for its simple, emotional appeal. We have rejuvenated the Krishna Engineering brand.

Happy Reading,
Why Kajal Loves Papaya Aura Soap!

Goregous Kajal Agarwal is the new face of Nature Power soap. This testimonial style print ad campaign for Nature Power Soap was recently released across India in five languages Tamil, Malayalam, Kanada, Telugu and Hindi.

The campaign was a hit and there was a remarkable improvement in sales. It has a massive reach as popular magazines and newspapers carried the campaign and it had a great deal of emotional appeal.
Rejuvenating The Krishna Engineering Brand

Krishna Engineering is 33 year old company that has been offering total borewell solutions and uses state-of-art technology. We were entrusted the responsibility of rejuvenating this brand to meet today’s competitive world.
We created a whole new modern image for them by redefining their logo, marketing collaterals and their online presence. This exercise has translated into more sales and new customers.
N&D Takes Home a Bagful of MADDYS!

The MADDYS, Madras Advertising Club Awards were a grand affair at the Hotel Hyatt Regency. With over 500 entries, this had different categories. N&D bagged three awards under different categories.

Sakkarapandikathakelu was a social awareness radio campaign that won an award in the Rural Category (radio campaign). The message was conveyed in a folk song style and created Diabetes awareness. Commissioned by our client TNHSP, the jingle elaborated on how the disease could be controlled through eating fruits and vegetables, walking and controlling smoking and drinking.
We also bagged another award in the same category for the breast cancer. awareness campaign Acchamillai Acchamillai, again for TNHSP. This was sung in a folksy style and highlighted the importance of a monthly breast self-examination for women above 30. Both the radio campaigns made a big impact.
Nature Power Papaya Aura had a vibrant packaging in the lovely flame colour of the papaya, yellow and orange created a fascinating combination. The glowing colour is a reflection of the glowing skin that one gets on regular use of Papaya Aura. The bold white fonts spelling out the soap’s name looks great on shelves. We bagged a MADDY for this packaging.
Election campaigns social media

This year’s Parliament elections crackled and buzzed with energy as big bucks were spent on campaigning and the social media was agog with activity. The BJP in particular was a big gainer on social media. Facebook revealed that Narendra Modi's fan base grew by 14.86 percent between April 7 and May 12, the duration of the elections.

Vikas Pandey, a 30-year-old software architect, headed the social media campaigns and revealed to IANS that, "Our target was the middle and the
upper middle class.

On Facebook, we have pages like 'I Support Namo' with 23.5 lakh likes and its posts are read by over 2.5 crore people per week at times and 'SanghParivar.Org', 'RSS', among others with over 45 lakh likes.
The 'I Support Namo' channel, which is now India's second most popular. On Twitter, I run many IDs such as @sanghparivarorg and @isupportnamo with more than 1.5 lakh followers.”
Therefore, different packaging and smaller sized products are a must. Power Soaps actively penetrated the rural market with its small sachets. A well-planned and researched brand strategy can expand a brand’s rural markets.
Sizzling Hot Mailer Campaign for Peppers

A special mailer campaign was created for Peppers TV highlighting their new shows. One mailer focused on the interactive show ‘Chat with Ramya’. The mailer highlighted the key features of the program and had an innovative design.

The second mailer was focused on the show Aaha Idhu Kalyanam. With the auspicious tones of red, yellow and gold and an image of a wedding in the backdrop, the mailer creates the right mood. This show provides wonderful infotainment and provides information and details about everything related to a marriage from shopping, travel, catering, jewellery to wedding halls. Both these shows have a wide audience.
Breast Cancer Awareness With a Loving Touch
Breast Cancer if detected in the early stages is completely curable and therefore it’s important for women above thirty to undergo regular breast self-examination and check-ups. N&D created an emotional breast cancer awareness campaign for TNHSP.

The TVC shows a nurse speaking about her mother who had some breast cancer symptoms but was too scared to approach the doctor. The nurse shares how she guided her to check for breast cancer and when the results were positive she was treated and cured.
Power Ushers in Fragrance Rich Era!

Power Soaps has always been innovative and catches the latest consumer trends and sets new trends. The Ultimate Power Fragrance Rich detergent bar is the latest offering from the house of Power.

We designed the packaging bearing in mind that the product attribute had to come through strongly. Colourful blossoms in a splash of colours were used to symbolise fragrance and clean, fresh clothes. This packaging makes heads turn when placed on store shelves.

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